So thrilled to announce my official start of my research internship with the Audio Team at Facebook Reality Labs (formerly comprised of Oculus Research)! Although the format will be remote, just as everything else, I am beyond excited to get to work with this awesome team. Check out this recent article about the Lab’s workContinue reading “FACEBOOK REALITY LABS: Summer 2020 !”


Thrilled to spend this upcoming week at INTERSPEECH 2019 in Graz, Austria! I’ll be presenting my work in collaboration with MIT Lincoln Laboratory titled: Vocal Biomarker Assessment Following Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: A Retrospective Cohort Study The presentation will be this Thursday at 11:40am! In the mean time, I CANNOT WAIT to spend the weekContinue reading “INTERSPEECH 2019”

ML4MD @ ICML 2019, Long Beach, CA

Heading down to Long Beach for the Machine Learning for Musical Discovery workshop at ICML! I’ll be presenting some recent work I started digging into this year, currently titled: A Model-Driven Exploration of Accent Within the Amateur Singing Voice. More importantly, I am really looking forward to seeing what “Musical Discovery” means in terms ofContinue reading “ML4MD @ ICML 2019, Long Beach, CA”

Premiere of “The Furies: Act 3” in Bing Concert Hall (June 9)

The first complete act of our LaptOpera (The Furies: A Retelling of the Electra story) has finally been performed in full! What an amazing night. Can’t wait to continue working on this act and starting to design the electronics and learn the voice parts for Act 1 (premiering this fall?) There will be a videoContinue reading “Premiere of “The Furies: Act 3” in Bing Concert Hall (June 9)”

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